Target Multiple Cities Without Hurting Your SEO

Target Multiple Cities Without Hurting Your SEO

City Pages can be a fruitful tactic as part of your Local SEO strategy when done the right way. You can target and optimize them for local searches. You might be familiar with some of these keywords targeting specific cities appearing in the search engine:

“SEO Services in Dallas”

“Burgers in New York”

“Car Dealers in Austin”

These keywords will get you thinking will it help your SEO efforts when we target multiple city keywords.

Shines. Local SEO. There are some downsides to local SEO but in this blog post, we will tell you the right way to use local SEO to use it in a good way.

After hearing that there might be some downsides to local SEO. Many people often ask themselves why if it can hurt you. Well, the benefits of using it to rank higher in search engines outweigh the downsides of using it.

Here’s how to use innovative SEO tactics without hurting your SEO efforts.

Local SEO Drives Foot Traffic

Let’s say that you are traveling out of town. You are in a nice hotel and suddenly hunger strikes. Now you crave a burger. What will you do? You’ll use your phone and write Burger on the search engine. Not exactly! You’ll look for burgers near you in a specific location with city-specific keywords. Like “Burgers in Atlanta”. Whether you’re going to call or walk to your nearest burger joint. And the best part is that you are not the only one doing this.

More than 60% of local searches result in physical visits. And more than 40% of searches have local intentions. So local SEO can provide you visibility for these random local searches.

City Pages for Local SEO

In the dark ages of search engine optimization, city pages were used as tools to stuff local keywords to improve ranking on the search engine. People used the same content on different pages targeting different cities with their keywords. Google found out about this tactic and launched its Panda Update. It flagged and penalized any website using this tactic.

Using city pages might hurt your SEO. However, you can optimize this tactic to flow with Google’s guidelines and still avail yourself of the benefits. You can either use a single page and use these keywords on the same page. Or if you want to create different pages for different locations, you can create unique, attractive, and separate content for each page. This does not mean only changing certain phrases. It means that you have to do research and create unique content for each page.

If you find that difficult to do it on your own. Then you can reach out to SEO services. It will help you create unique content that will not only be according to Google’s guidelines but also help you attract an audience. SEO services will also help you set up city pages and improve your ranking on the search engine.

Optimize for Local Searches

Google My Business

Google’s main vision is to optimize the information and help the searcher on search engines easily access information that is relevant to the query.  The main goal is to provide the user exactly what they need.

If your business is verified, it improves the chances of ranking higher on the search engine. Google My Business can help you with this practice. And the best part about GMB is that it is free and easy to use. You don’t need to reach out for SEO services to help you set up the account. Follow the steps and fill in relevant information and you’re good to go.

Google’s Local Pack

Did you ever do a local search and came across a result with Google Local Pack. It shows the top three results most relevant to the query.

These businesses are highly lucky because there are high chances that users will choose one out of these three results. Signing up with local SEO services can help you utilize your google my business account with all the relevant information and media to your business. It will help you secure a position in these coveted slots.

Internal Linking Structure

Did you know that optimizing the internal linking structure will help you enhance the SEO efforts for your business? Creating a linking strategy to navigate through the most crucial pages of your website will help Google to identify your website’s most important pages. SEO services in the USA can help you create a strong structure for your internal linking based on their experience and expertise.

You can leverage SEO services to improve the architecture of your website. Not only that but their practices and tactics will help you improve your ranking on the search engine.

Citation Building

NAP stands for your business information on the website. It generally contains your business name, address, and phone number. NAP is vital for your website and you can also use these details on other citation websites. Listing your business on these websites can be time-consuming but it can be of great benefits. While you build citations, make sure remain the same throughout the web.

Mobile Optimization

Did you ever find yourself in an emergency need? Did you run to your laptop or pick up your phone? Pick up your phone right. You’ll type in the details and need to see emergency results. Let’s say you are in the plumbing business then you need to reach them when they need you the most.

Reaching potential customers at the right time requires you to optimize your website for mobile searches. Your website should be responsive enough for the user coming from search engines. SEO services can help you with mobile optimization which will enhance your chances to get ranked on the search engine.

Are You Ready For Local SEO

Local SEO can be beneficial for your business. It is the perfect time to top SEO services in the USA to help you get ranked on the search engine. They have the best tactics and strategies to use city pages in an innovative way to provide maximum results.

Truth is SEO services will give you access to all the experts who know how to flow with Google’s algorithm and how to use optimal strategies that can provide promising results to our clients that exceed their expectations.